Fuel cell & Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell Running for 10 Years

APFCT Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), ranging from 100W to 10 Kw features:
► Designed life for 10 years (90,000 kilometers) with patented technologies
► Over 18 years’ durability and reliability test: Fuel cell scooter fleet total mileage reach over 600,000 kilometers
► Proved performance on various light vehicle application (scooter, mini car, mobility scooter, pallet truck and golf cart)

— High temperature and humidity accelerated stress tests (dynamic tests)
— Thermal shock test (static) / thermal cycle test (dynamic)
— Vibration test
— Impact test (without enclosure)
— Storage test (with enclosure)
— Drop test (with enclosure)
— Overcurrent test
— Leakage current test
— Long-term performance test

►Specifically designed for automated mass production